Trainings & Workshops

Using Click’s expertise and knowledge in the field, we provide customized Online Marketing trainings that are tailored to the client’s needs.

Social Media and Digital Marketing workshops are given on a regular basis with Click. These workshops tackle some basic and advanced topics in social media and digital marketing as well as innovative ideas and platforms to keep up with the changing nature of Digital Marketing. The trainings can take different formats and range from general to expert levels depending on the requirements.

1. Social Media Marketing Training

This is a focused workshop for people interested only in social media. This Social Media workshop will get you on the path to becoming a social media marketer, with all the essential tools to plan, run and manage an effective social media campaign using Facebook and Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads. You will learn how to effectively target and re-target ready-to-buy customers to achieve demonstrable ROI. (6 hours training with coffee breaks)

  • Social Media Content Strategy
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat for Business
  • Social Media Ads | Tips & Tools (Creation and Optimization)
  • Facebook Business Pages & Marketing Objectives
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Twitter for Business
  • YouTube for Business
  • Insights and reporting
  • Tips & Tools

2. Digital Marketing Training Program

Our Digital Marketing Training program covers the most important technical skills you'll want to earn in digital marketing. We cover Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising + YouTube Marketing and Analytics. Our approach comprises practical classes, hands-on exercises, group activities, networking opportunities and much more.

Digital Marketing Strategy (3hrs session)

Define a marketing strategy and explain why it matters
Developing marketing personas and content calendars
Setting SMART objectives
Online Value Proposition
RACE planning system

Search Engine Optimization (3hrs session)

How search engines work
The SEO process
Keyword research
On-page optimization (Using Wordpress CMS)
Off-page optimization
Meta tags
SEO webmaster tools
Tips & tools

Display Advertising & YouTube Marketing (3hrs session)

What is Google Display Network (GDN)
Display campaign creation
YouTube Marketing
Creating YouTube Pre-roll campaigns

Social Media Marketing (6hrs session)

Facebook Marketing
Instagram Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Social Media Ads
Tips & Tools

Search Engine Marketing (3hrs session)

Pay per click concept (PPC)
Setup & Campaign structure
Quality Score (Ad copy, landing pages, etc.)
Bid Management
Negative Keywords

Analytics (3hrs session)

Google Analytics integration
Understanding the Dashboard
Audience | Traffic Source | Customer | Behavior | Content | Conversion

All our trainings include case studies and hand-on activities that have been gathered and tested by Click’s experts in different markets and across multiple industries.

Customize Your Training

Choose your training based on your needs. We offer customized trainings tailored to your business.